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The streets are waiting to be explored with style with Kelly Nude Crystal Stone Shoes, the most outstanding product of StyleGirl designs, where the city's newest and classics and unique designs meet! Be ready to be fascinated with Kelly Nude Crystal Stone Shoes, which expresses itself as you wish in both styles, whether under a naive evening dress or under jeans.

Adorned with square and drop crystal stones, Kelly Nude Crystal Stone Shoes is a product that carries a jewelery style on your feet, but you do not compromise your cool style in this process. While the 10 cm heel is not felt thanks to the double layer pad sole, it is specially designed for your comfort.

  • Color: Nude
  •  Heel height: 10CM 
  • Accessory: Drop and square stones placed on the chain mesh and covering the heel part
  • The patterns are complete, we recommend you buy the size you are comfortable with.
  • It is recommended to take one size larger for half size and scalloped or large feet.
  • It is produced from First Class Artificial Leather, using the most advanced technology.
  • Comfortable and comfortable experience with high quality Tarzkız custom made double layer pad sole

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