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Farrant 2-Piece Quilted Pillow - White

Farrant 2-Piece Quilted Pillow - White

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Farrant 2-Piece Quilted Pillow - White

With its white microfiber outer fabric and silicone inner filling, the light and soft Quilted Ultra Sonic Pillow helps you have a quality sleep experience.

100% Silicone Filling - Air Circulation - Practical Use - Long Life

Microfiber filling materials offer you a comfortable sleeping environment with their air circulation feature. Advanced microfiber technology with the ability to transfer air balances heat better and minimizes heat loss.
Silicone filling pillows, which are very easy to care for, can be easily washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees.
Filling preserves the appearance for a long time.
Quilted pattern application was made on 100% silicon fiber and microfiber outer fabric.

    Product Features:
    Outer Fabric: Microfiber
    Inner Filling: Silicone
    Color: White
    Weight: 570 gr
    Size: 50x70 cm
    Production Place: Turkey


    Dimension : Pillow
    Product Content Information: Pillow: 50x70 cm (2 Pieces)


    Washing instructions : * Wash at 30 degrees.
    * Do not iron.
    * Do not use bleach.
    * Do not machine dry.
    * Dry cleaning is not possible.
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