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Calme Wool Pillow - Beige

Calme Wool Pillow - Beige

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Calme Wool Pillow - Beige

Wool pillows, which provide a suitable environment for uninterrupted sleep comfort, are natural and healthy with their 100% cotton outer fabric.

Naturally breathable wool pillows have heat regulating properties. The wool pillows, which balance the bed climate with their heat distribution structure, warm you when you are cold and cool you when you sweat, so they are suitable for use in 4 seasons.
Wool, which has a moisture absorbing feature, absorbs and evaporates the excess moisture in the environment, which provides you with a comfortable sleeping environment. Wool has the ability to absorb moisture at the rate of 33% of its own dry weight without feeling wet.

Product Features:
Color: Beige
Product weight:800 gr.
Outer fabric: 100% cotton
Inner filling: 50% wool 50% silicone
Size: 50x70 cm
Production Place: Turkey


Dimension : Pillow
Product Content Information: Pillow: 50x70 cm (1 Pieces)


Washing instructions : * Wash at 30 degrees.
* Do not iron.
* Do not use bleach.
* Do not machine dry.
* Dry cleaning is not possible.
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